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What is chiropractic?

The Chiropractor

When you choose to consult a chiropractor, you are entrusting yourself to a specialist in the field. A Chiropractor has completed a master’s or doctoral degree program in chiropractic, usually in the United States or the United Kingdom. 

Chiropractors are trained to examine, diagnose, and treat musculoskeletal problems. 

Using their hands, Chiropractors feel and detect dysfunctions of the muscles, ligaments, joints, tendons, and other connective tissues, and then work to correct them with precise adjustments. This leads to the effective and safe treatment of various symptoms.

Chiropractic in Germany

Chiropractors in Germany operate under the umbrella of the German Chiropractic Society (DCG). All chiropractors in the DCG have completed a four-to-six-year chiropractic degree. 


The education that all members of the DCG went through is regularly examined by the World Health Organization and held by international standards on the highest level.


 In Germany there is no accredited University certified by the WHO, which has led to relatively few DCG Chiropractic practices. The goal of the DCG is to change this and to develop an education that meets these standards. 

Currently, there are approximately 150 Chiropractors in Germany, and Chiropractic practices are regulated by the Heilpraktiker Law. 


Unfortunately, this puts Chiropractors in Germany on an equal footing with other alternative practitioners including Chiropractors who only participated in weekend seminars or a training program lasting only a few months. 


At our practice in Giesing, you can look forward to treatments from our two Chiropractors, both of whom obtained an education of the highest degree of international standards.

Chiropractic worldwide

In many countries of the world, especially in English speaking countries (USA, UK), Chiropractic care is part of primary healthcare, and embedded in the healthcare system. Thus, Chiropractors are a fixed component in hospitals, they supervise the medical team for professional sports teams or do research at state universities.


 In Germany, chiropractic is considered “alternative medicine”, and, like our practice, most chiropractors are established as alternative practitioners. 


The development from an “alternative fringe group” of medicine to integration into the medical system is mainly due to growing scientific evidence. Over the past 20-30 years, countless studies have addressed the modes of action and effectiveness of chiropractic treatments. 


Spinal manipulation techniques are recommended in many national, as well as international, medical guidelines, as a “first-line intervention” in the treatment of back pain. Among them are the guidelines of the “Bone and Joint Decade Task Force”, the “American College of Physicians”, “American Pain Society”, and the British “National Institute of Health and Care Excellence”. Even “The Lancet”, one of the oldest and most prestigious medical journals in the world, recently included spinal manipulation techniques in its list of the few recommended “first-line treatments” for back pain.

Chiropractors in Munich and sorroundings

In the metropolitan region around Munich, there are surprisingly few chiropractors. It could be because some of the first “graduated” chiropractors first settled in northern Germany and primarily made chiropractic available to a wide audience there. 

The German language is also a barrier for many educated Chiropractors from English speaking countries. From our own experience, one of the most common reasons people in Germany come to the idea of studying Chiropractic is that they’ve been personally treated in a Chiropractic practice. 

In Munich, the development of Chiropractic is still in its early stages, with only a few available, and we want to be a part of the growth with our practice. Our goal is to help expand chiropractic in the greater Munich area and make it more accessible to all.

Difference between Chiropractor and Chiropractic Practitioner

All chiropractors in the DCG (German Chiropractic Association) have completed a 4-6 year chiropractic degree. This degree is regularly reviewed by the World Health Organization to maintain international standards at the highest level.

This education is unique and sets them apart from other chiropractic practitioners who often have only completed weekend seminars or are naturopaths in Germany. Some medical doctors also offer chiropractic therapy, which has a similar approach to chiropractic and often achieves good results. However, chiropractors differ from chiropractic therapists in their education and the number of training hours.

Chiropractors have dedicated a minimum of 4,000 hours during their intensive studies to understanding the subject matter and the scientific theory behind functional disorders of the human body, particularly the spine. This is roughly equivalent to a medical degree. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to claim that chiropractors are experts in this field, and you can feel confident that you are in good hands. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice, Die Chiros.